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Bollywood Fusion


BollyFusion  Classes  for ages 4 & above

Bollyfusion includes Intense Bollywood,Bollywood Folk,Bollywood-SemiClassical and Bollywood HipHop

Intense Bollywood is  Bollywood Filmy Dance of India

Bollywood Folk Dances of India includes Bhangra, Garba, Raas, South Indian Folk, Ghoomar,Kalbeliya, Rauf and more..

Bollywood Semi-Classical style takes inspiration from classical dances of India such as Bharatanatyam,Kathak,Kuchipudi and more..

Bollywood HipHop is a fusion of Bollywood and HipHop,Street Jazz, Popping, locking ,breakdancing and more..

Classical Dances of India

Age Group: 5-65 yrs




Bollywood -Zumba

Age Group: 21-50 years; Female Adults only

Pick Your Classes Option: Every month, inform us which classes you choose. If we receive a prior notice of your absence, you receive ONE make up class for that class. If you are unsure of your availability, you can also Drop-in to any of the classes for $10 per class. 

1 Class Per Week $35/Month

2 Classes Per Week $45/Month

3 Classes Per Week $50/Month

Ellicott City

Classes Schedule

Ellicott City Classes schedule

Owings Mills

Classes Schedule

Owings Mills Class schedule


What you need to know about classes

  1. First Class is trial class. When you wish to continue and register, trial class will be counted as your first class.
  2. Registrations are not refundable, but you are allowed to switch classes to a more suitable class at no charge.
    First time students must pay a $35  registration fee which covers Studio insurance.
  3. You can enroll your credit card on file when you register. You will be sent an invoice 1 week before your next payment is due. During this week, you may contact us with an optional method of payment or to let us know you are dropping the class. After that week, your credit card will be automatically charged if we have not received alternative payment.
    There is a $25 fee for returned or rejected payments
  4. Our Classes run through out the year. Sep-June is contract period. July August is a No-contract period. Withdrawal Fee during the contract period is 45$ and a 30 day notice period should be given.
  5. Monthly Fees should be paid by 7th of every month. Late Fee will be applied  if not paid in time